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Selasa, 08 Februari 2011

RF Server File 2.2.3 And Tutorial

 Cara Membuat RF OFFLINE 2.2.3 ini hasil Kerjasama dari RZ untuk share RF ini .. !
ini Lebih Jelas ... Daripada Thread RF Offline 2.2.3 lainnya !!  
Langsung aja yah .. :
Credits : Ragezone

 As I promised to spread fully configured and working server

RF Online Server 2.2.3 The War - Bellato Strikes Back

Installing the Base and the server will start:
Link to the server -> v.1 standard + + +   Here
Also mirror provided Medlemsomr√•de Harsh Mirror   Here
1. Put it on Mageniks Release
2. Downloading, establishing or MSSQL 2005 Enterprise Evalution, open SQL Server Management Studio, create a database from the Databases folder names: RF_User, BillCruxRF, RF_WORLD_NOVUS.
Then click on the folder you created (for example BillCruxRF), right-click and select Tasks -> Restore -> Database .. and choose from the archive with Verver Fail BillCruxRF.bak
Actually sreens for curing bases are here in this topic.
3. From the archive with the server and run Fail ODBC.reg agree with the addition and reboot.
4. Cast the full replacement of the server folder (from our archive) in a folder with the server from Magenika download links at first.
5. Change all *. ini files (folders WorldInfo, RF_bin-Initialize, Account and Login-Initialize) Search Join this here (and its change):
# Server itself is configured to: ip,
# mssql username: sa
# mssql password: 111111
# And the name of the game world: the name of the game world

Web server and Web Emulator

1. Swing Apache Server
2. Swing My Web Emulator
3. Set the Apache and ZendOptimazer and scattering all the files from my emulator in the same hierarchy as I packed.
4. Must Fail ntwdblib.dll throw in the WINDOWS folder and there in System32. Then look PHP.ini Fail to open the WINDOWS folder and look for the line
; extension = php_mssql.dll and place ";"
mssql.secure_connection = Off "and change" Off "to" On "
preserving and making Restart ApachServera.
6. Here is the information you need to search and change its in my faylal emulator:

# Login mssql: sa
# Password mssql: 123456
# IP Address:

Look for the same in all files the emulator path to the files and configurations!
My path looks like this - E: /
(especially in the file rf-server)

Just quote Gajda magenika:
. Navigate to the folder C: \ AppServ \ Apache2.2 \ conf
5. Edit httpd.conf using the information from paragraph 2
6. Copy rf-server.conf of paragraph 2 in C: \ AppServ \ Apache2.2 \ conf
7. Copy all the www folder of paragraph 2 in C: \ AppServ \ www
8. Edit the rf-server.conf using its IP
9. Edit update.dll using Notepad in C: \ AppServ \ www \ rfclient_update \ simply changing IP on your
10. Edit tLPServerInfo.dat use information about your server at C: \ AppServ \ www \ rfclient_update \ update \ update1
11. Make your Launcher with your IP and put it in C: \ AppServ \ www \ rfclient_update \ update \ Make_newRF Hex RF.lc (you can rename it RF.exe or RF_Myserver.exe) Look, and replace all its IP, and then save it and rename it RF.lc then run NewCab.bat newRF.cab then copy and paste in the folder C: \ AppServ \ www \ rfclient_update \ update \ update718 and C: \ AppServ \ www \ rfclient_update \ update718

Original theme and the author rebuilt the server is Here!
Server 2.2.3 The War - Bellato Strikes Back ™ mmoli © v.1 standard + + +
All copyrights rebuilt server prenadlezhat author gooni
Hyde, recompile VebEmulyator prenadlezhat me romario [aka] glotur

All attempts to sell or illegal Kopi-Pasta with forums and Zhyk.ru Forum.mmoli.ru without permission and links to the original authors and will be strictly prisekatsya.

Special for Zhyk, on my server already bear the address of the forum in the NPC and in the description of Super jewelry .... (hereinafter referred to something else where)

/ / Sort of do not forget anything ...

Oh! Here is the link to the program for editing the server and the client to change the NPCs and other things.

/ / Also sell ready-made scripts to create Mega PvP server!
Features: Added shops with all kinds of weapons + new in this build, mines, turrets, potions, clothing, steatites, stones and all the new jewelry GSH receiving coverage of each race. Rewrote the loot from the mobs to accelerate pharmaceutical and rising on the career Lesnica, adjusting decent Kolvy bugs with objects, and added some new ones. + Many other things but I can not remember ...: reddy: Cost strictly in the PM or ICQ specified in the profile

/ / If you have questions, please do not shy away from.

By the way on the client and the patch for this server:
1.Kachaem client with Ofa and throws there own launchers.
2.Idem in the folder and look Fail \ DataTable \ en-gb \ FG_CB.ini
We change the line (tsiferku) USEFG = 0 to 1 (USEFG = 1)
Just change the folder \ DataTable \ ru-ru \ This same Fail.
All run and enjoy! 

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